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16th-Mar-2012 09:23 am - [sticky post] (no subject)
Hi! My name is Courtney and I'd like to welcome you to my sims journal. Well, it's 98% sims 1% Psych love and 1% whine about life. I play sims 2 and 3, but after many failed legacies and challenges due to my computer hating sims 2, I'm playing sims 3 much more lately. This saddens me, though, because I love sims 2 so much. I love to read other legacies and stories, from both games, and I post the occasional pic spam here along with a sim or house here and there.
28th-Aug-2012 09:15 am(no subject)
So. I've been super busy IRL. My husbands half sister wanted to meet this side of the family so she took her vacation here in Orlando and came for a visit. Then my mother decided to come down for a few days before our son started school, and then, obviously, we had a lot preparations to get him ready for the start of middle school. Whew. Like I said, buuuuusssy! Anyway, I have chosen the pics to be included the the Winters' week four update, and I'll get them edited and posted on Wednesday. Um, tomorrow. :D 

So, I am really picky about walls. Like, I'm super weird. My wall trim must match my doors and arch colors. And I also want to be able to use a paint with baseboard only in the bedrooms, and baseboard and crown molding in living areas and baseboard, crown molding, and wainscoting in formal areas or kitchens and I need tile walls to sometime match up as well, like, if I want a single tile wall in the kitchen perhaps, I don't know. I just *want it*! And I have great walls by many great creators, way better than I, but I need all the moldings to match. And I really need a lot in white. Because I use white trim A LOT. And while I have so many great walls in wood colors that I love, I needed matching white trimmed walls. For everywhere. So I made some. 

Taste The RainboooowwwwCollapse )

I'm currently making more walls using these moldings with different colors, wallpapers and borders and I'm also considering doing a set with colored trim. Yay! :) 

but I broke down and got a tumblr, and damn it, I love it. I am keeping the sims 2 Rosewood story here, but I'll probably post outtakes of it there and then (and then, and then, and then) I'm kinda sorta moving my sims 3 legacy/story thing to there. Meaning I'm just gonna post a few pics at a time of them. Picking up from where I've left off with them here. 'Cause I am really into Rosewood right now, but I have quite a few chapters of the McAllaster's all ready, too. I know as soon as I break down and get ST (probably when I get SN), I'll be all back into them. So I gotta continue both dealios. But I like tumblring. So I need something to tumble. :P

That is all. I am weird.
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